New PFI Record




For holdings marked with a tenure type of PFI, additional contract information can be associated against the holding record such as the suppliers name and address, contract terms, PFI tenure type and PFI space type.


Adding a new PFI Supplier


To add a new PFI supplier, choose PFI supplier maintenance from the Action list box on the e-PIMS home page. A new window supplier maintenance window will open as below.




Click on the “New” button to create a new supplier or select an existing supplier from the “e-PIMS PFI Suppliers combo box.


Supplier Name


Enter the name of the PFI supplier.


Contract Name


Enter the name of the contract for the respective supplier ( i.e. Prime or Steps)


Start Date


Enter the start date of the contract.


End Date


Enter the end date of the contract.




Click on the save button and a new screen will open allowing entry of PFI Supplier Regional information.


Adding a new PFI Supplier Region


If the PFI supplier has a Regional structure, separate Regions can be assigned and holding records allocated to the Regions within e-PIMS. At least one Region must be assigned to a PFI supplier even if this is shown as HQ.


Short Code


Enter a code to identify the Supplier Region. This fields allows entry of 7 characters.




Enter the Regional description.


Contact Details and Address


Enter the main contact details and address for the Regional supplier.




Click on Save and either close the PFI supplier form or enter other Regional offices.